Veteran Tree Care In Shrewsbury

Veteran Tree Care In Shrewsbury

Take a look at exactly what our veteran tree care service involves

There are at least 180,000 veteran trees in the UK, but with some estimates suggesting that as few as 1% of veteran trees remain compared with 200 years ago, it is more important than ever that these precious trees receive the care and attention they deserve.

We provide a complete range of veteran tree care services to keep your older trees healthy, well-maintained, and, where necessary, to manage their decline in a way that maximises their remaining lifespan.

Veteran trees often have different care needs to their younger counterparts, utilising techniques such as;

  • Mulching
  • Root investigation and excavation using air spading
  • Propping/Bracing
  • Management of the land surrounding the veteran tree
  • Haloing
  • Risk assessment
  • Minimal, sensitive pruning where required
  • Retrenchment pruning

Our experienced team will be happy to talk you through our veteran tree care services - get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Our approach to veteran tree care

  • Every veteran and ancient tree is different, and we always take a holistic approach to maintaining and managing these precious trees

  • Our work would usually begin with a site visit, to assess the tree itself, and to understand your goals for managing the tree

  • Together we can agree a management plan that fully meets the requirements of both tree and owner

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