Tree pruning & felling in shrewsbury

tree felling & pruning in shrewsbury

our tree pruning & felling services

One of our most popular tree services, felling and pruning a tree might seem like a simple enough job, but is almost always best left to the professionals. Enlisting the help of a professional tree surgeon not only guarantees a neat and tidy service, but more importantly ensures there is no risk to people or property during what can be a complex and difficult job.

With years of experience, tree felling and pruning are bread and butter work for us. Get in touch to discuss your project, and we can advise on the best approach, timescales and costs.

Tree Pruning Shrewsbury

Tree pruning can mean a few different things depending on the situation and what you’re looking to achieve. Whether you’re simply wanting dead wood removing, or the crown lifting, or simply some thinning; we can handle it all. And if you’re not sure what you need, we are of course on hand to advise and guide the best approach to your pruning job, guided by years of experience and training.

tree felling shrewsbury

As much as we love trees, there are of course times when a tree needs to be felled. We have years of experience working on complex tree felling jobs, and can advise when it’s necessary, and carry out the felling in accordance with stringent safety measures to ensure there is no risk to people, property, or other wildlife, plants or trees.

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