Stump Removal Services in Shrewsbury

Stump Removal Services in Shrewsbury

Our stump grinding & removal services

Tree stumps can be a problem - from suckering and attracting unwanted pests and weeds, to being a trip hazard and preventing landscaping - removing or grinding a stump takes specialist equipment and skilled labour. If you’re looking for stump removal or stump grinding, speak to our professional tree surgeons to ensure a careful, thorough and professional job.

Whether you’re looking to grind a stump to serve as a centrepiece for your garden, or remove a stump completely, get in touch today and we can advise you on the best approach, timescales and costs.

Stump Removal Shrewsbury

Tree stumps are routinely removed after a tree is cut down. A stump may be removed if it poses a hazard, the roots are exposed and decayed, or it prevents further landscaping or laying of turf. Our tree surgeons are qualified to remove stumps by hand or with diggers and winches. If you’re not sure what you need, we’re here to advise and guide you on the best approach to take with your tree stump, informed by years of experience and training.

Stump Grinding Shrewsbury

Grinding the stump is a less intensive method of removal. You may not wish to disturb the ground, or might want to use the stump for a centrepiece. If so, stump grinding may be the right course of action. Using a stump grinding machine, our qualified tree surgeons will work with you to determine how much of the stump you want to grind, to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

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