Site Clearance In Shrewsbury

Site Clearance Services In Shrewsbury

Take a look at exactly what our site clearance service involves

We offer a range of site clearance solutions for residential, commercial and local authority clients, whether you’re looking to prepare a site for construction or simply clear a plot of land.

It can be difficult to know where to begin with site clearance, but our team of expert arborists will draw up a bespoke clearance plan - felling, dismantling, removing trees and green waste.

Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your site clearance needs and prepare your site for whatever you have planned next.

Tree Removal

  • Where possible, we will fell trees in one piece. However in some cases, trees will need to be dismantled and broken down with specialist techniques

  • Once felled, the tree will be removed along with all green waste and debris

  • We offer stump grinding where this is preferable to felling

Waste Removal

  • Your quote will include removal of everything resulting from our work

  • Any green waste will be removed from the site, leaving you with a clear site to work with

  • Some vegetation can be mulched, eliminating the need for multiple machines and excavators

Whether you’re looking for domestic, commercial or local authority site clearance, or if you just want our expert insights into the exact service you may require, we’d be happy to speak at your earliest convenience. 

Contact our team at Tree Surgeon Shrewsbury via our handy form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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